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Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S913-285

SECTOR 9 CARABINER TOOL This Sector 9 Carabiner tool is just the coolest tool!!Sector 9\'s patented Carabiner Skate Tool with 3/8", 1/2" and 9/16" Wrenches, Phillips head and Allen Screwdrivers. Fits everything you need to make adjustments to your board, plus it doubles as a bottle essential part of any skate tool. Comes in black or silver.
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-015

SECTOR 9 SHOOTS COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARD COMPLETESDrop through and low to the ground makes Sector 9\'s Shoots complete set-up easier than ever before to push.  The campus ride of choice cause getting from A to B has never been this easy!  Directional shape makes it easy to run a really loose front truck so taking sharp corners is effortless.  It has a really comfortable ..
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-016

SECTOR 9 LOOKOUT COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARDS COMPLETESector 9\'s Lookout complete\'s drop through mounting makes this board both technical and freeride capable.  It has the eco friendliness of bamboo witht he classic schoolbook pencil sketch style.
Manufactured by: Sector9

SECTOR 9RAD Wheels Release Freeride 72mm 78a WhiteThe 72mm Release allows you to let it all out. With a 42mm contact patch and radius edges, finding the release point has never been so easy. It\'s a "true" center-set wheel so it doesn\'t matter which way you put it on.At the heart of all is the "Crown" core. With three points and Two valleys to separate the wheel into distinct ..
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-045

SECTOR 9 THE SWIFT COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARD COMPLETESBomb and carve the hills in smooth style with Sector 9 The Swift longboard complete.  It\'s totally set up and ready to shred, bomb and carve right out of the box.  It features a classic shap, great graphics and a slight taco mold concave for pop and maneuverability.
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: BBS115

5 Ply Vertically Laminated Bamboo
Utilizes Patented Lamination Process
42.0" L x 9.25" W x 31.5" WB
9.0" Gullwing Charger Trucks
70mm 75a Nineball Wheels
Abec 5 PDP Bearings
0.25? Sector 9 Recycled Plastic Risers
1.5? Low Pro Hardened Steel Bolts
Clear Grip Tape
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S913-284

The Flat Skateboard Risers from Sector 9.Raise yo clearance! Stop wheelbite. Gain turning leverage, woo!
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S912-227


Black Leather with Contrast Color Knuckles
All Black Stealth w/ Black Pucks
Adjustable Wrist Guard with Logo Embroidery
(2) 9-Ball Hand Pucks and (4) Double Finger Pucks
Reinforced Leather Thumb
Industrial Strength Velcro
Top Panel Lining / "Bert Logo" Hot Stamp
Manufactured by: Sector9


Diameter: 73mm
Durometer: 78a
Hub: Center Set
Edge: Round Lip
Contact Patch: 40mm
Description/Style: Center set round edges for a predicable slide. Slightly wider contact patch than other center set wheels for a more controlled slide.
Manufactured by: Sector9

Hub: Offset
Edge: Square Lip
Contact Patch: 52mm
Description/Style: Wide contact patch for grip and beefy lips for roll speed. New racers favorite suited for all courses.
Manufactured by: Sector9

Edge: Round Lip
Contact Patch: 35mm
Description/Style: Center set round edges for a predicable slide. Thinner contact patch for more drawn out slides with a predictable release point.
Manufactured by: Sector9

SECTOR 9 BHNC SLIDE GLOVESDelrin Pucks for smooth slide and speed control
Neoprene comfort knuckle panel and cuff
Reflective print on top panels
3mm Anti-vibration foam under palm puck velcro
Sonic weld patch and strap detailing
Extra strength twin needle at stress areas and palm velcro
Extra durable Kevlar fabric at finger tips
Terry thumb panel to wipe of perspiration
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-004

SECTOR9 FAULTLINE COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARD COMPLETESSector9\'s Faultline complete is an awesome all-round freeride board that can handle speed.  It\'s double-drop mold style is based on their popular Tiffany drop.  The concave brings you a little lower to the ground which helps improve balance while locking you in for controlled drivting around the corners.
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-005

SECTOR 9 MINI SHAKA COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARD COMPLETESFrom the hills to the streets to the store and beyond, the Mini Shaka from Sector 9 is an all-around freefide board that lets you attack anything.  The 5/8" drop rocker makes pushing the board sideways easier but it still retains a top mount grip.  The drop and concave combination gives your feet the perfect pocket and ..
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-010

SECTOR 9 CHAMBER COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARD COMPLETESIf you are searching for the best possible surf-style ride, don\'t miss the Sector 9 Chamber complete.  With 8 plies of maple, this deck stays stiff and durable but the slight camber and medium concave create great stance and amazing riding enjoyment.   The short wheelbase and double kinpin sidewinders give great agility ..
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-012

SECTOR 9 TEMPEST COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARD COMPLETESPre-assembled and ready to roll as soon as you open the box.  The Sector 9 Tempest is made from high quality parts and is perfect for all riders, from beginners to advanced.  The longboard shape is perfect for all types of rides, trips to the store, bombing the hills or cruising the campus.
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-013

SECTOR 9 FRACTAL COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARD COMPLETESIf you\'re looking for great times and smooth lines, then Sector 9\'s Fractal longboard is exactly what you\'ve been looking for.  With it\'s drop through deck, you\'ll get major speed and stellar grip.  And with it\'s custom wave inspired bottom graphic it\'ll look great getting you around town or campus, while helping ..
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-018

SECTOR 9 IRELAND COMPLETE IN CARVING - LONGBOARD COMPLETESOnce you own an Ireland complete from Sector 9, you have an superb carving setup!  The top mount design is so sweet and gives you loads of leverage over your trucks as well as providing you all the mobility and agility you need for those tight situations.  It\'s eco friendly bamboo design gives amazing flex to dampen your ride ..
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-019

SECTOR 9 G-LAND COMPLETE IN CARVING - LONGBOARD COMPLETESYou\'re gonna love this pintail style classic carver.  It has a slight camber to let you feel the flow when moving through those nice big arcing turns.  It\'s made of bamboo with clear grip so you see the wood grain and it\'s name is G-Land from Sector 9.
Manufactured by: Sector9
Model: S914-020

SECTOR 9 SENTINEL COMPLETE IN FREERIDE - LONGBOARD COMPLETESMade from 100% bamboo, the Sector 9 Sentinel is ready to carve up the streets and spread that rasta vibe where ever you ride.  Save A Tree, Ride A Weed!
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